from by Hateful Tomorrow



F.S.D.M ( Freezing Suns Dying Moons )
A birth of suns i've seen
Burning teenacious mist
A birth of moons
Battling with the darkness.

I've heard their songs
Where they calling each other
Seeking each other
But will never find.

World is a carousel
You're looking for something
That you will never find
Never and nowhere
As far as you're getting closer it escapes.

Howl unreally loud
Unite the lunar and solar light
You'll go blind
So they will be found.
Heat and cold, ice and fire
Thou shalt be with me
At the crossroads of worlds
At the intersection of contraries.

The moon dies, the sun freezes ( repeats)


from A First Step To The Fall, released October 27, 2015



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Hateful Tomorrow Oryol, Russia

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