A First Step To The Fall

by Hateful Tomorrow

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released October 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Hateful Tomorrow Oryol, Russia

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Track Name: Crossing The Light
Obscuring bound between
Pain and delight
Be Strangled by the musty air
Open the windows, leading to light
Get blind just trying to stare

Born in the darkness with the destined black core
To drown deeper and deeper
Unborn to dissolve in the shining fog
Like a stone in the river

Wandering in the void
Unknown side
Once you make a mistake
Crossing the light
To miss and get to nowhere

Forget the sun
It's left for the blind
I know my mistake
I've again crossed the light
Track Name: Dim.Disp
Dim.Disp (Dimension Despair)
A senseless movement
There where a time has reversed
Back into a sleep
To beginning of all beginnings and ways
And webs of broken fates

Clockwork dolls waving their arms
Maturing the same words
Following imaginary path
On the road paved with skulls.

Deprived of the exausted souls
Rusting and damaging itself
One the way to the promised light
On the road to nowhere.

Trying to leave the burning house
That you've been closed for forever.
Transformed perverted dimension
Trailed to despair.
Track Name: F.S.D.M
F.S.D.M ( Freezing Suns Dying Moons )
A birth of suns i've seen
Burning teenacious mist
A birth of moons
Battling with the darkness.

I've heard their songs
Where they calling each other
Seeking each other
But will never find.

World is a carousel
You're looking for something
That you will never find
Never and nowhere
As far as you're getting closer it escapes.

Howl unreally loud
Unite the lunar and solar light
You'll go blind
So they will be found.
Heat and cold, ice and fire
Thou shalt be with me
At the crossroads of worlds
At the intersection of contraries.

The moon dies, the sun freezes ( repeats)
Track Name: Withered
The essence of purity
How long was i looking for
Where i've lost myself
There's nothing left to burn
Once the shadows've betrayed me
Was i opened to be stolen?
But only the wind took it down
He covers the ghost of my name.

I stuck in here
I've got myroots in soil,
I've got my withered flesh
Maimed, slauthered, rot( repeats)

And when i'll reach the death
The point to obliterate me
There's no left a small piece of rusted soil
Where i could be buried

Burn the withered
Let the flames dance upon the withered
Let the wind reach my ashes.
Track Name: The Fall
From the hour
When my dreams
Made a slauther for my soul
Remember where we were
What was was then
And what we have felt
The real state of things

We know thar sun lies
And it uses the moon to betray
The blackened night is the true
Colour of aeon

When we've came back
Into humanity
Was i terrified
When i saw what we've found

Those who found themselves
Drowned in formaline
State of muteness
On the thousand of sights
Only eyes can scream